Shield Static Caravan Insurance – Our level of cover really doesn't compare

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You spent a lot of time choosing the ideal holiday home for you and your family. You searched carefully to find the perfect place in which to put your Static Caravan. Isn’t finding the right company to provide your static caravan insurance just as important?

Static Caravans are always at the mercy of the elements. Static Caravans cannot be hidden, covered or stored in the way that Touring Caravans can be. Have you ever stopped to think of all of the possible misfortunes that could befall your Static Caravan? Your insurance policy should cover damage caused by storms, such as falling trees or branches caused by lightning strikes. You also need to consider the possibility of damage caused by flooding. During the winter months when your holiday home is unoccupied, you may need protection from frost and freezing temperatures. Your holiday home may be at risk year round from fire, floods, storms, vandalism, theft and accidental damage. Insure your Caravan with Shield Total Insurance to get the kind of peace of mind that you deserve to have.

At Shield Total Insurance, we will protect your Caravan with the very best cover. No other insurance company offers the same level that we do. Our greatest concern is the peace of mind of you, our customer. A Shield Total Static Caravan Insurance policy will provide cover to the structure as well as its contents. You will also be protected from thefts or attempted thefts. There is no need for you to worry about accidental damage because we offer protection from this as well.

At Shield Total Insurance we will completely cover your Caravan right down to the standard fixtures and other equipment that is supplied by the manufacturer. The policy will also cover any ancillary outbuildings, balconies, fences or any other structures that have been added to the Caravan and its surrounding area. See your policy documents for additional information.

Even though we sincerely hope that the worst will never happen, Shield Total Insurance is prepared to be there if it does. If the home is completely destroyed, we will cover the expense of clearing away any debris and re-sitting the replacement home.

If you compare us to our competition, you will see that Shield offers more coverage than any other insurance company. Our public liability policy will cover you up to ฃ2.5 million and our personal accident policy will cover ฃ20,000. If you want to save money, you can go to and save 40% by purchasing your policy online!

If you are still undecided, you can call us at 08448-474-474 and speak to a representative who will be happy to answer all your questions and help you select the policy that is right for you. Why settle for anything less than you deserve? Visit us online for more information about our policies. It is our mission to help you find peace of mind and provide you with better coverage than anyone else.

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