Why never drive without proper van insurance?

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In case you are driving your van commercially on the road then it is very much certain that you have to obtain 24X7 van insurance so that you are never driving without one. Now a days every one who drives in the city is required to posses a van insurance. There are several reasons why one should never think like ‘it’s ok, I never ever met any road accident till date’. In case you are not carrying any proof for your van insurance when requested by a van driver you should always be prepared so that you may have to pay a very big amount as fine for driving without one on the road.

You certainly may have to pay at least $500 or in some cases even more in case you are caught. In case you are having one Van Insurance it is requested that you always carry it with you when driving your van on the road. In case you don’t carry even after having one you may have to pay around $10 as fine when submitted in the court. You have to keep in mind that you may have to visit the court and make the payment even before the date you are requested to be present in the court of law.

In case you forget and miss your date then you shall have to pay $300 as fine for not carrying your van insurance with you in your vehicle when driving. You certainly have to believe this as it is the case that happened to me. In case you ever meet a road accident and it is your fault, you certainly may be in a deep trouble for not carrying a valid van insurance papers along with you in your van. You certainly can get your license suspended and there are also chances that your Insure My Van Man may also get towed. In case you might have had a serious accident then you may also have to pay for all the damage done for other vehicle or even their medical expense. You have to keep in mind that in case you don’t have a valid van insurance then you may have to pay all the expenses from your pocket as no one shall cover these expenses for you.

You certainly have to face the fact that in most cases you may have to pay for the damage even if the person is not injured. You have to keep in mind that the longer the treatment for the person the more you may have to pay from your pocket. So one wise option is that you try and get a valid van insurance for your self so that your insurance company does cover all the expenses from their pocket.

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