Auto Insurance: Finding the Best Auto Insurance Company in Florida

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Because everyone’s situation and needs are different, when it comes to recommending the best auto insurance in Florida , there is no one-company-fits-all solution. But what we can do is point you in the right direction.
When deciding upon which Florida auto insurance company to go with, there are a few things to consider. Start by answering two basic questions:
• What can I afford, price-wise?
• What type of coverage do I need?
Then, with each company you look at, ask yourself this:
• How financially stable is the company I’m considering?
• Are they competitively priced?
• Do they offer the coverage I need?
• What kind of reputation do they have?
• How good is their customer service?
• How efficiently do they handle claims?
• Are they an authorized carrier in my area?
The trick is to 1) decide which of these factors are the most important to you and 2) find the provider who ticks the most boxes based upon how you’ve prioritized. For instance, price may be more important than level of customer service. Or, you may feel that financial stability is vital for your peace of mind and are willing to pay a bit more to get it. Select what’s most important to you; you’re focus will be on finding which company is best at providing those things.
So, now that you know what you’re looking for, how do you go about finding the best insurer with the best deal? Well, you shop around. Armed with questions in hand, make a few telephone calls or do some web searching. Create a list of Florida auto insurance companies and give each of them marks for meeting your requirements. You can also get information from auto insurance comparison sites; but be careful. These sites don’t always represent all of the brands available and, because commission is earned based upon whom you select to go with, results may vary. To ensure you get complete information, check with more than one, more than once.
Now that you’ve got the information you need, it’s time to discuss it with your broker. Auto insurance companies are highly competitive and are often more-than-willing to meet or exceed a deal if it means retaining your business. Remember, in order to assure you’re getting a good deal, never make it easy for a broker to sell you insurance. Keep the friendly face—you’ll need one next time there’s an accident—but don’t be a mug. Participate in the decision; working with your broker from a place of knowledge.
If you still don’t know where to begin, a quick web search for top Florida auto insurance companies will provide you with a list of names: Esurance, Geiko, Allstate, State Farm, 21st Century, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and AAA are all reputable and good providers that immediately spring to mind. But to ensure that you are getting the best policy, you have to rely on more than just a name. So, take some time to do the research and compare. If you do, you can be assured that the auto insurance company you’re choosing is the best Florida auto insurance company for you.

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