Common Personal Injury Claims

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Personal injury is a specific legal term that refers to an injury to a person’s body, mind or emotions. Personal injury claims are distinct from property claims, and they generally allege that the injury was caused by the negligent behavior of another person.
There are several types of personal injury claims that can occur. Perhaps the most common types of personal injury claims are those involving road traffic accidents. Automotive accidents account for a large number of deaths and injuries, and it stands to reason that many of these accidents would wind up argued in court. This is part of the reason that it is so important to report any accident immediately, even if there aren’t any immediate or obvious injuries. Injuries that appear later on can be harder to prove without a police report of the auto accident when it occurred.
Another common type of personal injury claim is a work-related claim. Depending on the type of job a person does, there may be any number of things that can lead to a work-related personal injury claim. Whether it’s something as simple as slipping on a wet floor or more extreme like being crushed by a forklift, there are all sorts of personal injury claims that originate in the workplace. In addition to the court case, the person may also be entitled to workman’s comp or other forms of compensation from the employer in the case of an injury at work.
Medical issues often wind up in court as personal injury claims, as well. In some cases, these are related to medical malpractice, while in other cases they are related more to industrial diseases. Some of the more common industrial disease claims include things like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma and other chest diseases. Others include things like deafness, repetitive strain injuries, stress-related injuries and vibration white finger.
The biggest challenge, of course, in a personal injury claim, is proving negligence. If you can prove that the other party was negligent, you may be able to receive compensation from the party. Laws vary from country to country and even from locality to locality, but in many places a person can hire an attorney to help argue a personal injury claim without having to pay a fee unless they win the case.
Ultimately, deciding whether to pursue a personal injury case in a given situation will depend on the details of that situation.

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